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Kawasaki ZX600A '85-'86, belly pan

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belly pan or lower front fairing, for ZX600A '85-'86. Though it has "600R" on it, the parts #55028-1087 is for the ZX600. The parts# for the belly pan on the NINJA 600R '88-'93 is different (I don't know how the piece is different; might fit but the parts # is different.) Has the coolant reserve bottle in the nose. Has cracks upper left, bottom front, rt lower front that have been weld repaired. Repairs are functional or can be finish filled and sanded for paint. Mounting points are fine, as is the coolant bottle. retail is listed as $237.76

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Priced $45.00. Categorized under Parts & Accessories >> Motorcycle Parts >> Body & Frame >> Fairings & Body Work. Condition: Used, Brand: Kawasaki. bely pan or lower front fairing, for ZX60A '85'86. Though it has 60R on it, the parts 50281087 is for the ZX60. The parts for the bely pan on the NINJA 60R '8'93 is diferent I don't know how the piece is diferent might fit but the part.