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Old Time Radio Show - Lone Ranger - Audio CD - Choose Your Disk Western Drama

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Fiction & Literature Westerns
Fiction & Literature

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Old Time Radio Shows - The Lone Ranger

(Audio CDs with Lightscribe Label)

This disc will work on a regular CD player.

Made in America!

Why Lightscribe Labels? The labels are laser-etched with text and/or graphics, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable discs. No more smeared or peeled up labels!

If the disc arrives damaged, I will send you a replacement. My goal is to maintain 100% feedback, so please, if you should have a complaint, email me, and I will do all I can to make things right. Feel free to email with any questions. Thank you for looking and please be sure to check out my other listings!

Each episode is dramatized and approximately thirty minutes long. This is an audio CD. It will work on most CD/DVD players. If you would prefer an MP3 CD please look at my other items.

The Lone Ranger is a masked Texas Ranger in the American Old West who gallops about righting injustices with the aid of his clever, Native American sidekick, Tonto. Departing on his white horse Silver, the Ranger would famously say "Hi-yo, Silver, away!" as the horse galloped toward the setting sun.

Available Discs

*Be sure to specify which disc number you would like in the 'note to seller' box during checkout.*

The Earle Graser Episodes
Disc #1 A Frame for Murder
Haunted Ranch
Disc #2 The Cattle Drive Becomes a Race
Crooked Banker and Sheriff
Disc #3 The Forest Fire
Silver Mine Surprise
Disc #4 Abilene Horse Thieves
Liquor Smugglers
Disc #5 The Apache Kid
Abe Jenkins, Framed
Disc #6 Amos Franklyn, Sheepherder
Pitfall Trap
Disc #7 Coming of Age
Revenge for Mendoza
Disc #8 Faked Bank Robbery
Night Stage Line to Dalton
Disc #9 Flaming Buildings of the X Ranch
Reward Money
Disc #10 King of the Country
The Price of Wool
Disc #11 Murder of Pony Express Rider
Toll Booth at Eagle Pass
Disc #12 Trap for a Gambler
Train Stop at Broken Bow
Disc #13 Mine Claim Scheme
The Bart Colt Gang
Disc #14 Billy Garrett, Kidnapped
Ammunition for the Indians
Disc #15 Bob McAllister, Framed for Murder
New Fangled Justice
Disc #16 No Worse Enemy
The Man Least Suspected
Disc #17 Confederate Money
The Cottonwood Dam
Disc #18 The Word of a Soldier
Border Rustlers
Disc #19 The Rosalinda Mine
Oil Lease Swindle
Disc #20 Barbara Bates and Hacksaw Hastings
The Silver Spur
Disc #21 The Ranger Impersonates
The Clue of the Lazy Y
Disc #22 Doc Stubb's Snake Oil
Poverty in Three Corners
Disc #23 Gunning for the Sheriff
Flood Relief for Valley Center
Disc #24 A Deal for Soldiers
Three Against Geronimo
Disc #25 Homestead Dash - The Secret Land
When the Blind See More than Men with Eyes
Disc #26 Half a Claim
The Wrong Pete Lorenzo
Disc #27 Signed Confession
The Cross J Ranch
Disc #28 The Crawford Sisters
Wellsville Tyrant
Disc #29 Jeb and Mae Holstead, Wheat Mortgage
Lee Taylor, Coward
Disc #30 The Package
Women of the Wagon Train
Disc #31 Blame the Lone Ranger
Guilty Knowledge
Disc #32 Thundercloud's Camp in the Hills
Conspiracy for Revenge
Disc #33 The Incriminating Letter
Treasure Trove Mine
Disc #34 Red Stevens Held for Ransom
Election in Buffalo Points
Disc #35 Bar-X Cattle Drive
Lame Bear and Running Cloud
Disc #36 Siege of Fort Mason
Jailed for Rustling
Disc #37 Stolen Diamond
Land for the Railroad
Disc #38 Sheriff Sanders and the Smugglers
Forgotten Law in Springfield
Disc #39 The Little Red Schoolhouse
Caught Red-Handed
Disc #40
Reward Notices
Ranger War at the Holstead Ranch
Disc #41 Barnaby's Gold Mine
A Bullet for Tonto
Disc #42 Big Bend Construction Camp
Moccasin Prints
Disc #43 Tunnel between Claims
Prairie Grove Mortgage
Disc #44 Court Marshall At Fort Gardner
A Second Chance
Disc #45 Maggie McGee's Ranch
Red Barbour Seen in Roaring Gap
Disc #46 Canyon of Danger
Little Beaver
Disc #47 Old Andy Clark's Mule
Bridge Explosion
Disc #48 Orphans of the West
Course of Bitter Creek
Disc #49 The Deserter
A Nester Accused
Disc #50 Trial at El Dorado
Indian Uprising at El Dorado
Disc #51 Trouble at the Cooley Ranch
Sheriff Vic
Disc #52 The Vigilantes
Kid Deputy
Disc #53 Don Diego's Animals
Campaign of Unrest
Disc #54 The Easterners
Stage Coach Hold-Up
Disc #55 Matt Badger, the Hawk
Apron Strings
Disc #56 The Lone Ranger Discovers Tonto
Trestle of Death
Disc #57 Manhunt
Arizona's Dog
Disc #58 Scared of Horses
Decoy to Death
Disc #59 Outlaws of the Rio Grande
When Thieves Fall Out
Disc #60 A Bullet of Silver
Outlaw Manhunt
Disc #61 Return of the Masked Man
Trail of the Timberline
Disc #62 Peace Comes to the Frontier
Cash for Cattle
Disc #63 Silver to the Rescue
Trap for a Fur Thief
Disc #64 Custer Rides with the Lone Ranger
Rustlers at the Rio Grande
Disc #65 Invisible Trigger Fingers
Dead Man Impostor
Disc #66 Heir to a Ranch
The Haunted Bunkhouse
Disc #67 The Pony Express Agent
Blind Justice
Disc #68 Hanged But Not Dead
Along the Elpaso Trail
Disc #69 Fire in the Sky
The Lone Ranger's Protegee
Disc #70 Set a Thief
Fool's Gold
Disc #71 Unlucky Strike
On the Trail
Disc #72 Hangman's Tree
The Roundup at Coronado
Disc #73 Justice Wears a Mask
The Laws Delay
Disc #74 Swords Defeat a Duelist
Medicine Man
Disc #75 Ranch Hand Frame-Up
Doctor Buckaroo
Disc #76 Autumn Torrent
A New Leaf
Disc #77 Flag in the West
Joan of Clarksville
Disc #78 Robbers of the Railroad
Blind Leader
The Brace Beemer Episodes
Disc #79 The Storekeeper Stands Up
One Nation Indivisible
Disc #80 The Tax Collector
Rustler and Son
Disc #81 A Horse Changes Brand
Slow Freight
Disc #82 Trap for a Safe Robber
Buyers Beware
Disc #83 Land-grabbers Loss
Sixty Days for Life
Disc #84 Homesteader's Ruse
Ghost Town
Disc #85 Work and Win
United We Stand
Disc #86 The Ranger Moves
Outpost in the Desert
Disc #87 Mustang Mag's Mortgage
Dodge City or Bust
Disc #88 Mustang Abuse on the Bar-T Ranch
Dead Men Pay No Blackmail
Disc #89 Trail of the Broken Horseshoe
The Gambler Draws a Blank
Disc #90 Spring Roundup
Mountain of the Wind
Disc #91 Paradise, Valley of the Hills
Big Bend
Disc #92 Border Queen
One Nation Indivisible
Disc #93 Trouble on the Rio Grande
Stolen Claim Papers
Disc #94 Ambush at Windy Rivers
In Search of a Witness
Disc #95 Sheriff of Claybourne County
Kowala Indian Land Scheme
Disc #96 Changed Claim Markers
Santiago's Revolt
Disc #97 Disappearing Stagecoach
A Silver Bullet for Madelina
Disc #98 No Favors
Sunset House
Disc #99 Wild Horses
Death Train
Disc #100 Cattle Code
Desert Water
Disc #101 Two Empty Graves
Bird Flying Home
Disc #102 Danger Landing
An Alibi Cracked
Disc #103 Murder at the Schoolhouse
Road Agents Go Wrong
Disc #104 Thunder from the Plain
Gold is Where You Find It
Disc #105 Gentleman of Honor
No Fury
Disc #106 The Line Through Red Rock
Valley of the Cliff Dwellers
Disc #107 The Last Laugh
Best Laid Plans
Disc #108 Thunder Rides the Flood
Silver's Escape
Disc #109 The Son of Silver
The Breaking
Disc #110 Election Day at Placer
The Escape
Disc #111 A Man and His Horse
Wagons Round the Mountain
Disc #112 Little Rose
Two Sheriffs are Better than One
Disc #113 Two Men for One Crime
Bait for the Trap
Disc #114 The Ranger Beats the Rope
Tonto Takes Charge
Disc #115 It's a Free Country
Winter Rescue
Disc #116 A New Record
The Train Robbery
Disc #117 House and Home
Relief Train
Disc #118 Loser Takes All
Wires and Hoofs
Disc #119 The Knife
A New Mission
Disc #120 Outlaws Plan an Empire
First Encounter
Disc #121 The Bridge
United We Stand
Disc #122 Headlines on the Frontier
The Magic Belt
Disc #123 Sentinel Rock
Fire in the Night
Disc #124 Dark of the Moon
Wrong Partners
Disc #125 Richmond Stage
Settlers for Buffalo Valley
Disc #126 Dodge City Roundup
Torlock's End
Disc #127 A Girl to Aid
Death and Taxes
Disc #128 The Iron Box
The Masked Man's Fists
Disc #129 Remember the Alamo
Brothers of the West
Disc #130 The Vulture's Nest
Three Generations
Disc #131 Blast and Double Blast
Double Trouble
Disc #132 Diamond Trail
The Masked Man's Dual Role
Disc #133 Drexel's End
Stampede in the Dark
Disc #134 Cloudy Waters
Fifty Thousand Head
Disc #135 Forced Sale
Men Who Don't Talk
Disc #136 War Sweeps the Range
Sound and Fury
Disc #137 The Marshal of Mountain City
Fur Traps a Badman
Disc #138 Webster's Big Fire
A Girl's Bonfire
Disc #139 Turnabout
Set a Thief
Disc #140 Along the Oregon Trail
The Broken Spur
Disc #141 Divining Rod
The End of the Page
Disc #142 Gambler's End
The Deputy for Tumbleweed
Disc #143 Raising the Siege
The Call of Duty
Disc #144 Gunner Creek Cow Thieves
Island in the Rio
Disc #145 Outlaw Point
Smuggler's Boss
Disc #146 Trail of the Red Mud
Mistaken for an Easterner
Disc #147 West of Dodge
Thorndyke's Double
Disc #148 Hands Across the Plains
Ghost Town
Disc #149 Tomorrow's Trail
Steamboat on the River
Disc #150 Longhorn's Backtrails
The Gold Rush that Failed
Disc #151 Thirst is Better than Water
Moon Rise on Powder Creek
Disc #152 Lumber for the River
The Wrong Redskin
Disc #153 Outlaws in War Paint
Race to Dry Creek
Disc #154 Ambush at Bright Rainbow
Clouds across the Moon
Disc #155 Quicksand for a Gambler
Trouble at the Canyon
Disc #156 Surprise at Sunrise
End of the Iron Spur
Disc #157 Way of the Transgressor
Barclay Brother's Downfall
Disc #158 High-graders
Bread upon the Waters
Disc #159 One Wide River
Double in Murder
Disc #160 Cattleman's Cash
Homestead Proved Up
Disc #161 Stagecoach to Blue River
Stagecoach Strife
Disc #162 Turnabout is Fair Play
The Sick and the Well
Disc #163 Twins Turnaround
Ace of Crooks
Disc #164 Mustang Meg Returns
Spurs that Jingle
Disc #165 Flameup's Kickback
Goose Creek Killer
Disc #166 Greed Drowns a Town
Gold and Chimney Range
Disc #167 Extortion Gang
Revenge for an Outlaw
Disc #168 The Silver Dollar
Torrero and Turantulas
Disc #169 Divide and Conquer
Border Smugglers
Disc #170 The Boss of the Turantulas
The Magic Belt
Disc #171 Double for an Outlaw
Set a Thief to Catch a Thief

***More Discs Coming Soon!***



It is my understanding that these shows are in the public domain. No infringement of any copyrights is intended. If you think that you have a valid copyright for any of the programs offered please contact me with supporting information and the program will be withdrawn immediately.

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Priced $5.93. Categorized under Books >> Audiobooks. Condition: Brand New, Format: CD, Category: Fiction, Topic: Fiction & Literature Westerns, Subject: Fiction & Literature. Old Time Radio Shows - The Lone Ranger (Audio CDs with Lightscribe Label) This disc wil work on a regular CD player. Made in America! Why Lightscribe Labels? The labels are laser-etched with text and/or graphics, as oposed to stick-on lab.