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Use Your Booth Features to Turn Browsers into Buyers

For businesses of all sizes, gaining the trust of customers is an essential - and sometimes difficult element of selling online. Shoppers want to know who they're doing business with, and they want to be reassured that they're going to receive excellent service and high-quality products. Luckily, Bonanza's Booth Tools are designed with this in mind and with the aim to help you build your booth, brand, and sales.

When a shopper enters your Bonanza booth, you have the same opportunity to connect with them and promote your products as you would if you had a brick-and-mortar store. Whether you've been Bonanzling for years or are a first-time seller, here is the the full article


Tips and Tricks for Writing the Perfect Item Title

Getting your booth up and running on Bonanza is a breeze, but settling on an item title might have you stumped. After all, you want your item title to be descriptive enough to inform shoppers what you're selling, but intriguing enough to tempt shoppers into clicking your item. What's more, other sites that might advertise your items, like Google Shopping, have specific guidelines for item titles and won't accept items that don't comply.

Lucky for you, we've done lots of market research and number crunching to find out the full article

How to Price Your Products to Sell

There are many reasons people choose to sell products online. Some people need to get rid of clutter around the house, while others enjoy the flexible schedule and entrepreneurial spirit that comes with being your own boss. Whatever the reason may be, all online sellers have one goal in common: to make money.

That being said, it can be frustrating to take the time getting or making products, listing them online, and feel like you're waiting around to make a sale. But you might be unknowingly turning off shoppers with the price of your item. Everyone knows that if you price too high, buyers might not be able to afford your item. But on the other hand, the full article

Ins and Outs of Bonanza's Fulfillment Process

One of the biggest barriers to getting started with your online business is often shipping. It's one thing to make or acquire products to sell online, but once you make a sale, you have to find a way to get your item to the customer. Dealing with different types of shipping, finding suitable mailing materials, and waiting in long lines at the post office can seem like a nightmare of insurmountable tasks. Lucky for you, Bonanza's fulfillment process is streamlined and easy to understand. This article will outline exactly how to set up your shipping preferences, what to do when you make a sale, and how you can take ... read the full article

6 Unique Tools That Will Change the Way You Sell on Bonanza7 Unique Tools That Will Change the Way You Sell on Bonanza

For Captain America, it was his shield. For King Arthur, his sword Excalibur. For baseball great Babe Ruth, a 54-ounce hickory bat named the "War Club." All great legends have some amazing tools that helped them achieve success. So, what tools do you have up your sleeve?

If your palms are starting to sweat and your mind is drawing a blank, fear not: Bonanza has some pretty awesome tools to help every seller live their best lives. Each tool we have to offer is distinctly unique and can benefit your online store in a number of the full article

Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Kickstart Your Sales

7 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Kickstart Your Sales

So you're new to Bonanza, and hoping to make your first sales sooner rather than later? Then let's agree on one thing: The key to selling, is to sell. In other words, as Wayne Gretzky put it, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." But if you're like most people, self-promotion can make you a bit uncomfortable. We felt the same way - our parents taught us "don't toot your own horn" - until this burst of insight: People want what you're selling... but they can't buy it if they don't know about it.

When you put it like that, promoting your merchandise isn't just good business. It's an important way to connect people to the products they want and need. We've compiled this list of the most common and the full article

6 Influential Social Media Sites That Will Drive Shoppers to Your Webstore6 Influential Social Media Sites That Will Drive Shoppers to Your Webstore

You've opened your Webstore, picked an amazing theme, and imported your items effortlessly - so why aren't your items flying off the shelves? Because the next step in successfully launching your store is to promote it to shoppers all across the Internet.

But getting your store the exposure it deserves can be a challenge for many online sellers. There seem to be thousands of different ways to drive shoppers to your Webstore, which can make it hard to even know where to begin. One of the most widely accepted ways to get traffic to your the full article

Booth vs. Webstore: What's the Difference?

Booth vs. Webstore: What's the Difference?

Online sellers are hard-working and highly motivated entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for ways to better their businesses. A choice that every online seller makes is how to sell their items: should they use an online marketplace like Bonanza, Etsy, or Amazon? Or should they create their own custom website for their items?

The choice between a marketplace and a standalone website is not easy. On one hand, if you choose to sell on a marketplace, the potential traffic for your items is immense, but there are limited branding options. However, if you choose to sell on your own website, you get control over your brand and customers, but the full article

3 Timely Tools for Winning the E-commerce Race

Grow Your Business with Bonanza Partners

At Bonanza, we understand how important it is for you to grow and diversify your ecommerce business. That's why we created the Bonanza Partner Program. The partners listed below are all about providing resources and support so that entrepreneurs can take their business to the next level.

When you're building a business online, there are at least three roadblocks you'll need to get the full article

10 Effective Ways to get Stellar Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to increase sales on Bonanza is by building a good reputation. Buyers feel more comfortable purchasing from sellers who have a good track record and oftentimes will choose to buy items from Top Rated Sellers over other sellers. Not only will a great feedback score result in more sales, but it will make your overall selling experience more positive. Foster great relationships with your customers with these tips on earning positive the full article

How to Handle Returns at Bonanza

It can be hard not to feel disappointed when you receive an email from a past customer who'd like to return an item. It might make you feel better to know that you're not alone. Item returns are a fairly common occurrence for ecommerce businesses — 30% of online purchases are returned. Bonanza is home to over 40,000 sellers, each with unique business needs and individual policies. There’s no “one size fits all” returns process at Bonanza because we want you to have the option to handle the full article