Items sold on e-bay being listed on bonanza as for sale over and over

If you are a e-bay dealer and list here check your items as Bonanza is relisting them over and over even after you Deleted them. I have told them about this and they have done nothing. Just a heads up for e-bay dealers

asked 5 months ago

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You might want to check your eBay import settings to prevent this. If you have your two accounts synchronized, then Bonanza will do its best to keep the same items in your Bonanza booth and your eBay account. I find it easier to manually delete from the appropriate account when a sale (or ended listing) occurs.

Also, there is a setting that imports “new items only”. That is important because modifying an item on Bonanza (after importing it) makes it different than the original item that is listed on eBay. So, if you re-import your eBay listings or if you synchronize your booth, Bonanza can treat that imported eBay item as a NEW listing – leading to duplicates.

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KAFarm says: January 10, 2019

Interesting, I imported from Etsy and I make occasional changes to listings, now I’ve got duplicates.


Thank you but you are not understanding what is happening here. I have manually deleted the listings 3 or 4 times from Bonanza and they keep showing back up on Bonanza and only on Bonanza . I have removed them from all my other sites weeks ago . The problem is with Bonanza and has nothing to do with imports as The listing were deleted from all my other sites.
Peace Stephen

answered 5 months ago

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tomwayne1 says: January 12, 2019

Check your Bonanza synchronization settings to make sure the settings aren’t set to " Import items from your “Unsold” folder" from eBay.


I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I’ve been having duplicate listings too. These are not imported listings. I have no imported listings from anywhere.
They just show up occasionally when I check my booth.
Bozo has a few kinks in it that need to be addressed.

answered 5 months ago


It’s something in your settngs. The setting are a little wonky on Bonz and some things are in a couple different places. I personally never have anything set to “Sync” I lost my whole booth one time when I did.

answered 5 months ago

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